Blog #2

Title of the Article: How One School Supports BYOT with a Parent University

Part One: This article was explaining how you can begin to update a school with technology and new gadgets and teach the students how to use it, but still need to do more to help the students get the full picture. Canterbury School in Florida, an independent college prep, has been increasing in technology over the last couple of years thanks to grants and donations. The school officials liked this getting with the times, but felt something was missing. The school now offers what they call Parent University, which is an online training of sorts for parents of the students so they can learn about the technology being used in the class room too and understand how it works. The school thinks this is a great idea so students can’t take advantage of parents ineptitude for the technology and creates a tech fluent environment both at school and home.

Part Two: Q’s and A’s

Q1: What are some of the topics that the Parent University covered?

A1: The Parent University that Canterbury school covered a wide variety of different topics. From Google Apps to supporting research in Technology integration. The subject of the training sessions were driven by the questions of the parents since they were the ones that got the most out of the session

Q2: What does BYOT mean and how does it apply to the classroom?

A: BYOT stands for bring-your-own-technology. The concept of the program is to help quench the thirst teachers and students have for more technology in the classroom. Students are allowed to bring in laptops and other approved devices to be used as learning supplements in the classroom and so that they may become more fluent in the technologically word.

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