Blog #3

Title of the Article: Can Foreign Language Immersion be Taught Effectively Online?

Part One: In an attempt to be more effective at teaching students a second languages, Middle Interactive Languages has released a new program that argues to be the most effective language teaching program students can use. The program emphasizes focus that both culture and language are vital when learning to speak a foreign language and their program tries not to separate them. The developers traveled all over to the world to record dialogues from native speakers of all dialects to truly give the students a good understanding of the language. Instead of easing the students into the new language, the program throws them in and provides to the tolls to navigate within the new language.

Part Two: Q’s and A’s

Q1: What is the most effective way to use the Middlebury Program?

A1: Aline Germain-Rutherford, the academic officer for the Middlebury program argues that while the program is in fact a great program, it can’t stand alone. She encourages school to use a blended classroom so they students not only learn the language, but practice its use outside of the computer. Doing this will create fluent users of the new language, instead of student who just know about the language.

Q2: How are schools responding to Middlebury?

A: For the most part, schools that are using the Middlebury program are enjoying how easy it is to use. In Baltimore, schools are using a blended classroom method where students work on the computer and with a teacher and the district can use 2 teachers that can reach 10 school a week. While the program is not perfect and does have its own share of criticisms, the feedback on it shows that i can be a great addition to a foreign language classroom.

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