Blog #4

Title of the Article: 5 Ways to Create a Safer Digital Environment at your School 

Part One:   In this article, two professors are esteemed colleges review five safety tips for implementing technology into the classroom. There approach is to ensure the privacy of the students work and they also make sure to encourage people to brush up on their education legal acts to ensure they are not breaking the law in order to use technology in the classroom. The first step they give is to encourage the different levels of staff to work together, but not as the same. Having administrators, teachers, faculty, and all sorts of differing people help identify what is safe and what is not since everyone is an expert in their area. The teachers can determine if the technology will help and the administrators ensure its legal. the second step is to understand technology and how it connects to federal policy. Some programs may seem like they harmless, and they are, but can still be violating federal policy. It’s important to understand everything about the program and to ensure its legal for use in the classroom. The experts a lot encourage to check out the technology and all the nooks and cranies of it prior to entering the classroom with it. this will protect the students from any harmful programming. The fourth step encourages reading agreements and legal notices about the app to make sure that there’s nothing fishy about it. Lastly, it is encouraged that everyone works together in solving a problem or determining if an app is fit for the classroom.

Part Two: Q’s and A’s

Q1: How can I use this information in my future career?

A1: This article is full of a lot of information that I was not aware when it came to using technology in the classroom. Growing up in a technological world, =I consider myself quite fluent in tech, but this article helps catch me up on some of the legalities that come with using technology in the classroom. One of the biggest problems this article outlined was breaking the law and makeing sure the apps are safe for your students. After reading this article, I feel the need to look up the various federal acts mentioned that teachers can violate bringing technology into the classroom.

Q2: Why is this important?

A2: This articles helped open my eyes to how technology can not only hurt my students, but it could also hurt my career as a teacher. After reading it, i am now aware that technology isn’t as simply to use in the classroom as I would think. The group approach the authors talk about makes a lot of sense because administrators are going to be more aware of the legal acts, teachers can say whether it can be used, and other faculty can say whether or not its possible to use the technology without hiccups. I’m glad I got to read this article and can’t wait to use this 5 step approach in my future workspace

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